Interior Design Trends Autumn

It's not time just yet to start wishing the summer months away, but it might be time to start thinking about Autumn and Winter if you're considering redecorating your home. The time has come to look forward into the windier, cooler months in the interior fashion world, in fact the A/W 2014 palette was decided upon last year! There are stunning ethnic wall tiles and earthy, rustic colours to combine, as well as ECO based texture schemes and emotive and brave tone combinations.

Unless you're planning a full scale renovation you more than likely won't be using all of these ideas, but they're a great insight into next season's interior palette, enabling you to pick and choose elements that could breathe a breath of fresh air into the aesthetics of your home.


There's never a season short of ethnic prints but they become much more integrated into interior design next season with the use of ethnic tile prints. Previously the trend would have been tribal, but it's become much more worldly this time around with the incorporation of exotic, painted ceramic and porcelain tiles from places like Europe and Africa. Expect to see the patterns splashed all over luxurious fabrics for cushions and covers and on unique tiles perfect to bring a splash of culture to your home. Currently these prints are already prevalent in this seasons fashion scene with miniature patterns seen on dresses and crop tops. The Autumn/ Winter palette see's them expand into larger pieces, which lend themselves to interior design.

For the best effect you'll want to combine border prints with clashing central pieces. Blue and white are the most popular colours used but you'll also see richer colours like aqua green and rusty oranges appear to.

Clashing Colours

Think big, bold and brave rather than neutral and natural. In a contrast to this seasons hugely popular pastels trend this scheme is based on making bold choices and clashing strong colours with muted, creamy tones. Statement wallpaper in block colours is a great choice along with creative plastic accessories and reflective materials.


Flint is the latest trend to bring basics back into interior fashion. Rather than thinking big, think simple with this neolithic style, combining rusty and warm colours with organic, handmade accessories.
Interesting decorative items in this theme could be simple and natl objects like fossils, natural string, feathers and textured pebbles.

Sky and Storm

This trend incorporates feminine and masculine qualities with clashing tones and colours that also compliment each other. Think hot and cold, natural and industrial, combining rich blues with salmon pinks, soft cotton with metallic accessories.

Consider using tie dye fabrics and creating soft lines with your layout, the use of mirrors is also prevalent with this style.


This is the big ECO trend of the season which draws inspiration from renewable energy and sustainability culture. Think folk law and bohemian with this look and don't shy away from natural colours if you want to get it right. Think green, brown and red for colour schemes, natural materials for accessories and wooden flooring. Wood effect porcelain floor tiles are also particularly popular at the moment.

Interior Design Trends For 2009

You cannot think about buying big sofas if you have a small house and you want to make your home look more spacious. Some years ago, the economy was far better and people were having large houses, so it was easy to decorate. The time of today is quite tough for people to afford expensive items and this is the reason people are living in small houses. We cannot afford to decorate a small place with big artworks, fountains or furniture, as it will turn your home look like a junkyard, so make sure that you try to find 2009 Interior Design Trends, in order to make your home look more stylish.

Making an online search can also be beneficial in case you want to be sure about the selection. The designs and trends changes time to time but nowadays, it is seen that people who build new houses use the Britain idea of having fewer walls and use the half wall concept.

The time when you plan to choose the best 2009 Interior Design Trends, all you have to do is contact with an interior designer. The interior designing company can be beneficial to let you know about best designs and help you out with their experience. It is also seen that designers have more knowledge to predict about the latest or future coming designs. The experts are able to let you know about the latest accessories according to the size of your rooms.

You can easily add glamour to the looks of your home by finding 2009 Interior Design Trends, but there is a technique behind every good decision. The living room is the place you spend your time, so you have to choose the bright colors while if it is your bedroom, you have to be sure that you use light colors as your bedroom is the place where you want to relax. This is the best way to choose the 2009 Interior Design Trends for your home d├ęcor.

Interior Design Trends For 2010

The interior design world is a very fast paced environment for most people in the industry. Keeping up with the latest trends are usually imperative to staying successful in the design world. Many people say that the year 2010 will encompass many colors that involve a connection with earthly, organic tones. They say that the inspiration from the fashion world usually flows into interior design around a year after they come out. In 2009, "going green" burst into the fashion scene and thus, bringing earthly tones to the interior design world in 2010.

Some of the colors that have been brought into this industry in 2010 are beiges, browns, and greens. Striving for an eco-friendly, naturally processed dye, these colors bring out many neutral earthy colors. Mixing these tones with vibrant global tones can also compliment each other very well. Colors like purples, yellows, and blue's work well with this.

Green is known to be a very calming color both physically and emotionally. The use of this color in interior design can lead to a great peaceful environment. Colors such as yellow are proven to be more stimulating and vibrant. Mixing greens with accents of yellow also goes well together bringing a unique blend to a room.

Purples and orange also compliment earthly tones. Purple is known for resembling wealth, sensuality, and relaxation. Being more scarce in prior years, violets and purples are becoming increasingly popular in modern design. Purple also gives the illusion of depth, opening up rooms and creating and illusion of space. Orange can also be used subtly to produce unique statements in rooms. Stimulating social behavior, orange is highly used in children's rooms, but can also serve as a nice focal point in rooms with complimentary colors around.

Interior design will always remain an ever-changing industry. Hopefully we will continue to see more of these earthly tones in the future.

Latest Kitchen Design Trends

Some useful things to think about when trying to upgrade your kitchen.

In the kitchen market at the moment there are a few trends that are starting to be used a lot more when designing kitchen.

The first is pendant lighting, pendant lighting is when you'll have multiple spotlights or lighting fixtures all hanging down in one localised area of the kitchen with each light at a different height, it's possible to have whole sections of lights grouped together and you can create your own abstract art piece.

The second isn't technically a new thing in the world of kitchens as it was used awhile ago but it dropped off the radar for a bit but luckily its making a comeback and this is poured concrete worktops. A poured concrete worktop is when a mixture of concrete, a colouring agent and anything that is wanted inside the work surface are all mixed together and then poured and laid out into the desired worktop shape, left to set et voila! your personalised work surface, it's hard to get around the idea of that rocky, hard, dead-pan grey industrial style concrete but with the right ingredients and agents these work surfaces can be simply stunning!

A lot of people who have this type of work surface fitted will throw in their own personal touch when the work surface is being made, photographs of relatives or maybe some glass bottles and those special pebbles from the beach can be thrown into the mix and made visible inside the concrete for that family touch.

Why not try having multi-level worktops fitted? Having a series of worktops all at different heights can be useful when trying to prepare ingredients for cooking with or even when you are dishing-up food when it is ready to eat. They also make good spaces for children to try their hand in the kitchen, if you have a section of worktop that is low enough the kids can try baking cakes etc without having to get onto a chair or stool to reach above the usual height work surface. Also if you can keep things like plants or bowls of fruit on the lower-tier work surface that'll help the children to get involved there too.

So these are a few of the latest and greatest things that are going on in the kitchen design world right now, these are things that top-interior designers are raving about, so try to think about these if you want to renovate your kitchen.

Office Interior Design Trends And Themes

Working on an office interior design project can be challenging and fun. Primarily, it's challenging because your office represents your company - its ideals, goals, and identity. It's a project that should, therefore, be taken seriously.

Office interior design should be able to reflect the corporation's goals and dynamism. Potential clients must be able to sense that this company, just like the furniture it uses in the office, means business. The clients should also be kept in mind in all stages of office interior design.

On the other hand, office interior design is at the same time fun because you'll finally have free rein in bringing life to the place where you work day in and day out.

The modernistic style is most commonly used in office interior design. This is because it showcases a sense of being dynamic, progressive, and always updated with the latest trends. Definitely, no client wants to deal with a company whose office still houses '70s furniture!

Modernistic themes give great appeal, too, because the lines are sleek and clean, giving the impressions of smartness and sharpness. The office interior design banking on modernistic themes somehow entices the client to join a company that is moving towards the future.

Designing A Home Office

The Internet Age has made it possible for millions of working men and women to telecommute - that is, too work from the comforts of their own home. This is not to say, though, that such a person can plop a PC in the middle of the kitchen table and do work in between doing the laundry and cooking dinner.

Even a home office must benefit from home office interior design. Many telecommuters earn a decent living working at home, so they don't mind spending on an elaborate home office interior design.

The difference in home office interior design is that you can have more room for creativity and incorporate personal touches that you otherwise wouldn't include in a traditional office setting.

Moreover, it is important to use muted colors for the home office interior design. This is because colors which are too loud or too vibrant may distract from the work to be done. Calm and soothing colors such as blue or light green may also provide color without making the space feel smaller than it actually is.

Use a sturdy and functional work desk as the centerpiece for your home office interior design. You can benefit a lot from ample shelving, generous drawers, and roomy surfaces for accessibility and organization.

Don't forget to also purchase a comfortable office chair if you can foresee that you will be spending a lot of time in the home office. Hard-backed unwieldy chairs just won't cut it when we're talking about chairs for office interior design.